Why Shopify

There are many platforms for e-commerce stores like Magento, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, big commerce, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc. Easy to use and implement It is the best alternative for those who want a complete solution, with no technicalities related to development and hosting of the online store. Both these features are taken care of with this hosted solution

Google Analytics event tracking

Event tracking can be used to measure visitor engagement on your site in many different ways. The typical uses include: Tracking outbound links to other websites. Tracking clicks on email addresses or click-to-call phone numbers. This can help you to better understand the number of enquiries you are getting from your site. Tracking PDF and other

WordPress Gutenberg release

Gutenberg is the new WordPress editor, but also much more than that. We all know WordPress is already serving millions of people with its custom web development services. Now it has also introduced its new post based front end editor, named Gutenberg. The classic WordPress editor is showing its age. It isn’t drag and drop,

Cake PHP framework

CakePHP is an open source PHP framework for developing web applications. CakePHP lets you build these applications much faster and also makes your task simpler by minimizing the requirement of building your application from scratch. Here’s a quick list of features you’ll enjoy when using CakePHP: Active, friendly community Integrated CRUD for database interaction Application